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Alec Duncan sits around a conference table with one man and four women. They are in conversation.

Slate Coaching 

We all need someone who believes in us.

Alec Duncan, a white man with dark hair, mustache, and beard, is wearing a blue button down shirt.

Meet Alec

Alec Duncan is a professional development and team systems coach who works with new and emerging leaders, as well as people who are seeking or find themselves in the midst of transition. Read more about my coaching practice by clicking the button below.

My Clients

Who I Help

I help people who are doing or want to be doing the most important work in their lives and support them in finding the space and courage to accomplish it.

How I Help

I work with new and emerging leaders to find their leadership style, learn how to access their voice, and discover ways to show up with conviction where it matters most.

Leaders are not only in corporate settings. Parents, colleagues, volunteers. Anyone can be a leader who inspires others to be their best.

What's in It for You

I can’t give you the success you’re after.


You have everything you need to be successful and my role is facilitating growth in you to find it, through action and accountability.

What Clients Say

“The exercises . . . helped me to take stock of my career history, future objectives, and find a confidence that was hiding inside me. The skills I learned [while working] with Alec helped me to both interview well and have the confidence to step into  something new. Alec is an amazing coach and is an incredible influence and I consider him my permanent Yoda.”

Therese, Enterprise Applications Manager

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