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How it works

There are many ways to work together and we'll discuss what you, specifically, need in a successful coaching relationship. Below is an outline of what many clients find an effective way to progress.


Introductory Call: 15-30 mins

This phone or video call is to discuss why you're seeking a professional development coach, assess if we're a good fit, outline session logistics, and answer any remaining questions you have.


If you decide I'm the coach for you, the next step is to schedule your Foundation Session.


Foundation Session: 90 mins

This session is focused on creating a solid foundation for our coaching relationship. Much like a building, a solid foundation will support your growth.


This session is more structured and coach-led than future sessions, and it's an important starting point. We will design our working relationship, discuss your goals, how you define progress, and I'll help you think about how to gauge the impact of success.



I ask that you make at least a three-month commitment to coaching and the changes that you're looking to make. Typically, we will meet every two weeks through the first three months. This schedule helps build consistency and momentum toward your goals. 

We will design the duration and frequency that works best for you in our Foundation Session. 


It is important to know that you can change the frequency or stop altogether for any reason, at any time with no penalty. 

When we reach the end of the agreed-upon contract or reach a point that feels like a natural pause or stop, we will end there.


Get Started

Find a time that works best for your schedule; my availability includes limited evening and weekend sessions as well as standard business hours.

Photo of a blank monthly planner with closed blue and red pens on top.
Image by 2H Media
Image by 2H Media
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