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Alec Duncan

Meet your Coach:

My background is a long winding road that started in Massachusetts and coastal Maine. Don’t worry; I’ll skip most of it! I have also lived in New York, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, and settled on the Front Range of Colorado in 2011. My undergraduate and master’s degrees are in geology, and I’ve loved the experience of trying to understand the story that the landscape tells in each place I have lived. While working towards my master’s degree in Fairbanks, Alaska, I did fieldwork in the foothills of the central Brooks Range.

My career in geology transitioned from 10 years as an individual contributor in many different roles to a management position in 2017. I lead the Rockies Operations Geology team for a large independent Oil and Gas company. What I love about this role is the combination of the growth that I foster in others and the growth that it has fostered within me. I was a reluctant manager and received roughly no training. My boss told me, “Try not to do any work yourself; that’s how you’ll know you’re managing.” While there is truth in that statement, it left me to figure out a lot of lessons the hard way! Thankfully, I have a patient, talented team to lead and work with. We’ve built a strong leadership team that’s interested in improving and adding skills to make us better leaders who are focused on serving our team members’ individual growth, team culture, and career progression.

My wife, Megan, is a Colorado native, and we are raising two more little Colorado kids. Our families live not far from us and are always present in our lives. We care deeply about building strong relationships that strengthen our family, our friendships, and our community. We are both active volunteers and put a lot into our work and the things that matter most to us. I am currently on the Young Professionals Board at Maria Droste Counseling Center, which provides affordable mental health services and removes barriers to care in the greater Denver Metro area. I am working towards obtaining my International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) Certifications in 2021.

As your coach you can expect me to:

  • Stay committed to supporting you in your growth. I'll keep you focused and moving towards your goals.

  • Speak honestly for your benefit.

  • Go deeper. This is a safe place to address what's guiding you from just out of sight.

  • Maintain humor as a value! Life is fun. Whether you're up or down, let's enjoy the ride.

  • Be curious. Your situation is unique; I’ll ask a lot of questions without making assumptions.

  • Never try to fix you! You hold the solution you’ve been looking for, not me. I will never be attached to my own idea or outcome for you.

What I expect from you:

  • Show up! You made it this far; don't waste your time here. Use our time for the best possible impact in your life.

  • Trust the process and be open to trying different approaches, and speak up if something isn’t working for you.

  • Maintain an open and curious mindset about your circumstances.

Corporate Coaching

I’ve spent the last 13 years in the corporate world as both an individual contributor in the office, in the field, and now in management. I have led a team of up to 12 full-time employees and four contract staff. I currently coach company employees internally as well as private clients. I’m working towards developing an internal coaching program for the corporation while still running an operations team.

  • Education: Masters in Structural Geology from University of Alaska Fairbanks and a BA in Geology from Hamilton College.

  • Coaching: Trained Co-Active Coach - Serving multiple clients, seeking CPCC, ICF - ACC 2021.

  • Career: Geologist at BP Alaska, Anadarko Petroleum, and now at Occidental Petroleum. I have been an operations manager since 2017.

  • Hobbies: Woodworking, ice hockey, sailing, volunteering.