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Meet Your Coach

Though I'm a geologist by trade, I was born into a family with deep ties to teaching and ministry. My curiosity, confidence, and love of science, nature, and people were cultivated while working on a boat in Maine with my grandparents. The groundwork for my coaching future was there, even if it took me years to find it.

I majored in geology at Hamilton College because the science was fascinating, and geologists are such interesting, quirky, funny, smart people. Geoscientists tackle big problems, are comfortable with uncertainty, and argue about minutia over great beer.  I loved being around geologists, but I focused my energy on learning geoscience. New opportunities led me to Hawaii and then to grad school in Fairbanks, Alaska, eventually starting my career as a geologist in Anchorage. 

I'm now a geoscience manager living and working in Colorado. As a manager, my job is to bring the best out of the geologists! Transitioning to management was a bumpy road, and I quickly learned that I had more to learn about how to deliver on the business and get the best out of a team. This work led me to understand how much I love to support great people in achieving important goals.


I have coached across a wide range of industries and experience levels. I've coached individual contributors and leaders in the Energy sector, technology companies, non-profits, and businesses large and small. I have also worked with entrepreneurs and individuals in career transition.  

Education and Certifications

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Co-Active Training Institue (CTI) - 2021

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Accreditation through the International Coaching Federation. 2021

MS, Structural Geology / University of Alaska Fairbanks

I learned a lot and lived in Alaska for nearly ten years. 2007

BA, Geology / Hamilton College

Major in geology with a broad education. 2001

Leadership Facilitation Coach - Impact Denver

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Leadership Foundation - 2021

Led small group sessions facilitating leadership training for emerging leaders in Denver, CO.

Volunteer Young Prof. Board - Maria Droste Counceling Center

Served two years 2020-21 on the YP Board supporting the mission of providing sliding scale access to mental health care.

Alec Duncan, a white man with dark hair, mustache, and beard, wears a blue shirt.
Photograph by Alec Duncan

Slate - A Geologic Coaching Perspective

Slate is a metamorphic rock changed from ductile shale through years of heat and pressure into a fully recrystallized, more resilient rock.


After more than a decade working as a geologist primarily in shale plays, I certainly still feel the heat and pressure of business, operations, schedules, downturns, and persistent change.


Coaching provides me with perspective and tools to support growth and deep change in myself and others. I work with successful, driven people and connect meaning, perspective, and purpose to their biggest goals. I hold accountability with them to create actions aligned with their vision and values.


Our work together will help you develop new resources that will support you in successfully taking on new challenges, now and in the future.

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