The Co-Active Method

What is Co-Active Coaching?

Co-Active coaching is about relationships and conversations that creates action towards positive change in your life. Co-Active is translated as being and doing (Co- and Active). You get to decide not only what you DO, but set the intention of how you want to BE through action. The tools of coaching help you understand what you’re working towards, examine problems from different perspectives that provide new access for solutions, and learn to identify blind spots you didn’t know you had to find strength in them. My role as your coach is to reflect what I see in you in a way to motivate growth and action. I’m not here for me; we’re both here for you.

For more on the Co-Active model, click here.

What Does Coaching Look Like?

Once we connect, here's what you can expect.

  1. Introductory call: Free 15-30 minute call. What brings you to coaching? What questions do you have about working together? Whether you’re trying to address a single topic or looking for ongoing coaching to support your development, we’ll discuss how we can collaborate to best support your needs and if I’m the right person to coach you! Not every client is my client, and you have the right to be picky and find your coach! If we agree to work together, we'll schedule a Foundation Session.

  2. Foundation Session: This is a 90-minute session in which we'll learn more about each other, introduce coaching tools, and more formally design our working alliance. We will start deepening our conversation, and by the end of this session, we will be ready to get to work when we meet next. It's called a Foundation Session because we will build upon this groundwork done here. Anything not built above a solid foundation is likely not to support you over the long term. A strong foundation sets us up for success.

  3. Sessions & Frequency: The real lessons from coaching happen between sessions when you take what we discuss and apply it to your everyday life. It’s best to provide at least two weeks between sessions, so you have time to live your life. We'll design the frequency to work for you, and it can evolve to meet your changing needs. An interval of two to four weeks between sessions is pretty typical.

      • One model is to meet for two, 60-minute sessions for the first month or two, then once per month after that. This is flexible and suited to best fit your calendar and needs.

      • We'll work together for three to six months and re-design as needed.

      • You can stop at any time for any reason. Coaching is to serve you.

  4. Wrapping Up our Time Together: Completing a coaching relationship is best done with a conversation. I remain a resource for you in the future should you ever decide you would like to restart coaching.