Client Feedback

Therese, enterprise applications manager

"I didn't know what coaching was before working with Alec. After two sessions with Alec, I was fortunate to be interviewed for a new job and I nailed the interviews! Seeking a new job wasn't even the plan for our coaching, but career coaching was. The exercises in our first 2 sessions helped me to take stock of my career history, future objectives and find a confidence that was hiding inside me. The timing of the interviews was crazy, and Alec didn't even know about them until they were done and an offer was in hand! I love that he helped me in an area that neither of us even planned on! The skills I learned with Alec helped me to both interview well and have the confidence to step into something new. Alec is an amazing coach and is an incredible influence and I consider him my permanent Yoda... "

Michelle, small business owner

"Alec has been instrumental in helping me find clarity in many aspects of my life. Working to figure out my next career move has brought to light other issues that are deeper than simply selecting a new path forward, but play a substantial part in the search and choice of a new career. His questions have prompted me to respond with what I believe to be the answer, but he eventually leads me to the real answer and what really lies beneath it all. Although I consider myself an articulate and self-aware person, Alec has the ability to infer what I am really trying to verbalize to foster clarity and a clearer understanding of what is holding me back. Working with Alec has emboldened me to organize and prioritize what is most important to me as part of my career change. He has been able to observe and distinguish these things while allowing me the time to speak, explore more thoughts, and reach conclusions on, what appears to be, my own. He then utilizes these discoveries to further the work we are doing together. I’ve made actionable moves that have opened up new doors and opportunities thanks to working with Alec."