What success looks like

When you see the above photo of me labeled Success!, you might think, "Hey, he caught a fish! That’s a successful fishing trip!"

What I see is the smile on my face.

The salmon was delicious and fed my family. That smile still feeds me.

The smile represents more than just the fish in my hand. I did a lot right, had a lot of help from good people, and worked hard to get here. I arranged to fish with a great friend, and we had a blue sky day on a rising tide in a river full of salmon. We anchored our boat to a log in a great spot, had good food and cold beer, and flipped lines all day. We caught very few fish, but every decision I made and all the work I put in to get to this moment was fun. Why can’t the rest of our lives be like this? Well, it can. Sometimes we just need help seeing how to make it happen and taking the right steps to make it real.

As a coach, I smile every time I work with someone who is discovering how to love what they do, resolve issues that have held them back, or find courage where none existed before.

People come to coaching for many reasons. Here are a few examples of how this might show up in your life.

  • You may want to work on your presence, confidence, or leadership skills at work.

  • We all know and interact with difficult people. How can you effectively manage your own emotions and actions to get a more constructive relationship? Where are your boundaries with this person?

  • You may seek more balance in your life to support healthy habits and relationships.

  • Maybe you want to start a business? Maybe you are trapped by the business you thought you wanted, and it’s not what you expected.

  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic changed your perspective on time, how you want to spend it, and what’s important to you?

My job as your coach is to guide you towards setting goals that resonate. Our work can provide access to resources and perspectives that serve your development and prepare you for new challenges as they arise.

Your job while working with me is to approach your life with curiosity and be open to self-discovery.